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Trains and Metro

Trains in the station

The Sarmiento Railroad

In "Once" there are two  terminal stations of the Sarmiento railroad, which daily transports thousands of people that comes or goes from or towards the western zone of Buenos Aires  suburbs through the urban service, or toward other destinies of the Buenos Aires province through the suburban service (Lobos, Mercedes, Luján, etc).

One of this stations is found at ground level (Once station) and has multiple railway platforms. The other (Plaza Miserere) is low level (underground), with the homonymous station of the line A of the metro, conforming a complex of tunnels with multiple incomes from outside. The railway line is operated by the TBA company. To know schedules or another relative information about the service, you can visit the page of the company at

Metro Lines

The metro lines that pass through the zone are:

Line A:

It travels through Station Plaza de Mayo to Station Primera Junta.

Stations: Primera Junta, Acoyte, Río de Janerio, Castro Barros, Loria, Plaza Miserere, Alberti, Pasco, Congreso, Sáenz Peña, Lima, Avenida de Mayo, Piedras, Peru, Plaza de Mayo.

Stations in once: Carlos Gardel, Pueyrredón y Pasteur

Line B:

It travels through Station Los Incas to Station Leandro N. Alem

Stations: Los Incas, Tronador, Federico Lacroze, Dorrego, Malabia, Angel Gallardo, Medrano, Carlos Gardel, Pueyrredón, Pasteur, Callao, Uruguay, Carlos Pellegrini, Florida, Leandro N. Alem.

Stations in Once zone: Carlos Gardel, Pueyrredón and Pasteur

Line H (Nueva Pompeya to Retiro):

This line is under construction.

Metrovías is the concessionary company of the metro lines. For more information you can visit the page of the company at

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